It's important to have goals in life. Here are some of mine that always keep me going. I also like to post its success/failure status. Failing is very important in science and research that it can't be unacknowledged.

Goal Status Comments
Learn a Martial Art Done I know some Kung-Fu
Act on a play Done Acted three times on different plays during highschool
Give a TED talk - Let's just hope for the best!
Build a House for someone else Done I've already built 3 wooden houses for 3 families at UTPMP =)
Grad School : Computer/Human Vision Done I got into UCSB, VT & NYU, going to UCSB =)
Do a flawless impression of Robert De Niro - He's one of my favorite actors, and I can already do Stallone!
Appear on a Hollywood movie - That would be nice
Write a book Almost there. Part 1 is finished. Part 2 & 3 are still to be written in the remaining 2 years
Buy my mom a cozy house in France - =)
Help my dad by developing an Android phone app for the family business - =)
Improvise a song fluidly on the piano. Done Improvised a 6 minute song . Click to watch
Publish on ACM/IEEE as an undergrad =( Submitted my paper called Vesselshift to IEEE-ISBI & PRNI without luck.
Make a Computer Program with AI that helps reduce poverty. - This is one of my most important goals.
Have my first paycheck to be over $5000 Done? PatronatoUNI gave me this amount as a research grant
Start a startup before going to Grad School Done Co-Founder of Gifiniti at UCSB '12 (I had to exit for Grad School ;) )
Catch a barrel in Cabo Blanco - -