How to start off in computer vision research as an undergrad (and survive)

A quick non-technical quiz/homework I took to my computer vision students at GISCIA. It's a great way to learn more about research and the field as you answer the questions: Quiz #1


At what point does the human diagnostician’s eye no longer remain the “gold standard”? - A neuroinformatics essay I submitted to the International Computer Vision Summer School (ICVSS)

Arturo Deza's Guide for getting into Grad School as a 3W international - An attempt of an informal blog-like style guide for international students from developing/third world countires that want to get an awesome grad school education.

Gifiniti Startup Executive Summary - An Executive Summary that got us into the semi-finals of the UCSB Tech Startup New Venture Competition. We got 2nd place and won a $2500 check after an edge-cutting presentation from our CEO.

ProUNI media interview This is a small segment of a peruvian science magazine where my research was briefly summarized, in the photo I am receiving the Alberto Benavides de la Quintana Fellowship - a $5400 check for my internship at UCSB.

QuantumBeach - this is a website I host that provides free online solutions for Linux OS on Alienware machine's. (because Apple is too mainstream)

Treasure Hunt - A cat-mouse-cheese optimization and path-planning problem that we solved using an Evolutionary Algorithm (coded with Microsoft XNA Framework). It was adapted to a Zelda scenario, feel free to read the paper and download the code. Slides here.

Mentoring and Teaching Guide on Computer Vision - A guide on how I handled to manage a student research group of Artificial Intelligence in Lima, Peru. Our research group always wins 1st place in all national research project competitions every year, during my lead as group President we started going international, papers,videos & projects:

Machine Learning Summer School Poster & Abstract - this was my first poster presented at MLSS 2011 when I started out in Computer Vision, please forgive the eye catchy blue's. [2011]

RTAI Installation Guide and Speed Tests [2010]

Radio Interview :